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2019 GIFTS!!!
BFF is excited to announce that we have awarded SEVEN gifts of $1500 each for the 2018 giving season!!!  Thank you all for everything you do and let's work to make 2019 even better!!!
The fourth annual Beth's Friends Fondeaux: Gears For Gals bike ride
will begin at Urban South Brewery
Multiple distances for all to enjoy, followed by a lovely family day,
"The Fundeaux at the Fondeaux," for all ages.

The bike rides begin at 7:30AM and you can choose from a 32 or 50 mile distance.
Check out the 2019 Fondeaux page for more information!
Beth's Friends Forever announces its first recipient!
It is with great honor that we announce the first award from our organization! Following a better than expected fundraising campaign in 2015, we were able to help local New Orleanian and Friend of BFF, Jamena Stewart. Jamena was diagnosed early this year and is doing great! She still has a little bit more treatment to go and we are honored to help her get there.
Jamena Stewart receives award from Beth's Friends Forever

Left to right: Ronald Buras, Mickey Hanning, Jamena Stewart, Beth Hanning

The Bartender's Guide to New Orleans features Beth's Friends Forever
A great new project from Zachary Vaugh—The Bartender's Guide to New Orleans. Zachary had a great time at this year's Running of the Bulls in New Orleans, produced by Nola Bulls, LLC. So he sat down with festival producers, Beth and Mickey Hanning, to talk about the fest and their charity project, Beth's Friends Forever.
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